About Savvy Digital

As social media gained ground with consumers, Savvy Digital was born. We help businesses tap into social media channels to connect with their audiences. Understanding that marketing is not a one-way street, Savvy Digital aims to help you establish your own unique voice on social media channels as you build relationship with customers. Use social media to live your brand, promote your products or services, and hear, understand and better meet your customer needs.

Social media is ideal for small businesses with budget and time constraints because a little effort in the right direction goes along way. We offer education and hands-on help to small business owners and staff who want to get started using social media, or increase their effectiveness.

We understand the challenges that solo practitioners face. So we make social simple. Our leadership, vision and let-do-this attitude are ideal for emerging and established business owners.

Should I be on Facebook?
What about Twitter?
What do I say?
How often should I post?
How do I respond?
Where do I start?
Savvy Digital offers coaching and instruction to answer all of your social media questions.

We sit down with you to get things set up and running! Then we can help you determine a strategy that complements your other forms of marketing and maximizes your investment of time and resources.